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Prospective Owners please cantact the Capriana HOA Management company for any questions or problems regarding owning a home in Capriana

Current owners go to the Owner Information page


Capriana Owner Portal and Information Page


This page has forms and other information that Owners may need.

Architectural Review Information

Per our Codes, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&R's) which each homeowner had to sign and agree to when they purchase their home, any architectural changes including painting must be submitted for approval to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) via the Property Management Company.

To Download the form click HERE. Please complete the form and submit it to the Property Management Company who will then submit it to the ARC.

If you want to make changes to your home, front yard landscaping, or exterior paint, please plan ahead. The ARC may take up to 45 days to review and respond.

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Approved Paint Colors

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has pre-approved a number of colors from Dunn and Edwards for the main exterior color and the trim of your homes.

You must submit an ARC request using the form in the documents column above even if you are using a pre-approved color. The ARC is working to insure there is enough variation between similar or exact paint schemes to insure we do not create a "cookie-cutter" look in the community. The benefit of selecting approved paint colors is normally a faster approval of your ARC request.

At the 2009 Annual Homeowners Meeting it was approved to allow homeowners to use the trim paint color to paint accent areas of their home. This still needs to be approved by the ARC. Only two (2) colors may be used on a home, the house color and the trim/accent color.

Side gate: due to the deterioration of the side wood gates, it is requested that you replace the wood slats in the gate or have the wood sealed and painted the same color as the main body of your house.

Approved paint colors available at Dunn & Edwards (NOTE - these color names change frequently so this is only a guide using the original numbers for your reference):

Main Paint Color
Color Dunn & Edwards Code
Dominick SP 181
Swiss Coffee SP 836
Oyster SP 511
Sahara SP 513
Birchwood SP 51
Cashmere SP 152
Drifttng SP 128
Bone SP 112
Heather SP 19
Milkweed SP 651
Silver Taupe SP 149
Whisper Gray SP 856
Trim Color
Color Dunn & Edwards Code
Bison Beige SP 134
Monterey Grey SP 131
Truffle SP 147
Ash Gray SP 40
Sandal SP 133
Coral Clay SP 148
Misty SP 71


Please note that the paint color numbers are changed frequently by the vendor. Please select the closest color to the above and submit it to the Architectural Review Committee for approval prior to painting. Additional colors may also be used as long as they compliment the community. Submit color samples with the architectural review application and the committee will let you know if they are approved.

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HOA Dues

Capriana Homeowner Association (HOA) collects homeowners dues through the Property Management Company.

Dues can be paid in advance at the discretion of the homeowner.  Most homeowners pay their dues on a monthly basis, but a number of homeowners pay on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to avoid having to send a check to the property management company on a monthly basis.

A number of convenient payment options are available:

  1. Pay monthly
  2. Prepay annually, semi-annually, or quarterly
  3. Use your bank's bill pay service
  4. Consider using your tax return to pay for a portion of or all of your annual dues
  5. Beginning February 1, 2015 - you may now pay via credit card for a small nominal fee at the Property Management Company's web site.

Delinquent Accounts

If you are having trouble paying your dues, please contact the management company to work out a payment schedule.

Homeowners with delinquent accounts will be sent a notice from the management company followed by a letter from the association's attorney followed by a Lien against the property which can ultimately lead to a lawsuit if the account is judged to be grossly delinquent.

Once a Lien has be placed on the property for severely delinquent dues and late fees that are not paid it will be reported to the title company at the time the home goes through escrow. The dues and late fees will be deducted from the sellers/homeowners proceeds at close of escrow.

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Download Forms

Architectural Review Form - new as of May 15, 2015



Articles of Incorporation

Change of Tenant Form for Home Owners who rent their Property (contact management company). Must be filed within 30-days from when the homeowner rents out the home or the renter information changes.

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