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Prospective Owners please cantact the Capriana HOA Management company for any questions or problems regarding owning a home in Capriana

Current owners go to the Owner Information page


Welcome to the Capriana HOA Web Site


NOTE: The Budget for 2018 has been mailed to homeowners. The remaining area on Linda that needs gravel will be completed this fall.

The next Community Board meeting will be May of 2018. Details will be posted as we get close to the date. Election of one board member is every May.

The Capriana HOA Web Site is designed to answer basic questions about the neighborhood, provide owners and prospective owners with documents such as CC&R's and Articles of Incorporation as well as to provide owners with access to budget and other private information.

The About Capriana and Photo Gallery pages are of general interest to most visitors. The other pages are more specific to Capriana homeowners.


Capriana Sign at Ray & Dobson